Vivix Technique Chart

Refer to the attached technique chart for taking exposures with the Vivix Detectors.  This chart is to serve as a guide.  Actual exposure technique may need to be adjusted to optimize the users environment.


FXRD-SA &SB X-ray Condition_20120524.pdf FXRD-SA &SB X-ray Condition_20120524.pdf
ViVIX_-_Vet_Techniques_-_CAT.pdf ViVIX_-_Vet_Techniques_-_CAT.pdf
ViVIX_-_Vet_Techniques_-_DOG.pdf ViVIX_-_Vet_Techniques_-_DOG.pdf
VXvueSetting_Vet_APR.xml VXvueSetting_Vet_APR.xml
VXvueSetting_Human_APR.xml VXvueSetting_Human_APR.xml

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